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Company profile

Our client, established in 1969, is a healthcare record keeping company located in New York.

Business situation

Proceed Interactive’s goal was clear: obtain top placement in Google, while maintain and growing current MSN and Yahoo traffic. The challenge in making this happen was converting dynamic, image based pages to a crawlable, optimized website that Google would index. By following Proceed Interactive recommendations this website now enjoys an increase of 1,202% in their Google referrers. They needed to have top Google placement for searches conducted by potential healthcare providers, who are looking for record keeping solutions. The website was fully image based (not fully indexed by the search engines) before Proceed Interactive started search engine optimization.


The online space in the medical labels and record keeping solution arena is very competitive. A search in Google for medical labels brings up 4,200,000 web pages.


Proceed Interactive consulted with the company to thoroughly understand their online marketing goals, analyze the website’s design and help define successful metrics. We optimized the site to attain top placement in Google’s natural search results. This included keyword research, content development, navigation improvements and code validation. Proceed Interactive has made several significant changes to this client’s SEO program over the past 12 months. Here are some of the SEO changes made on the website:

  • Development of indexable URL strings.
  • Development of text oriented linking throughout website.
  • Transition of heavily image based website to content rich website.
  • Development of search engine friendly content for every page on website.
  • Development of proper meta tags and coding fixes to ensure Google top placement for appropriate keywords.
  • Development of IBL’s (In-Bound Links) with proper anchor text .



Our client has had substantial growth in online leads, specifically from healthcare providers who came to their website directly from the major search engines.

Search Engine Traffic

Google First Page Rankings - Case Study - Chicago SEO Team

Numbers above have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

    • Targeted keyword based search engine referrers did not exist when campaign started.
    • Visitors from Google increased by more than 1202%.
    • Visitors from the Yahoo increased by more than 32%.
    • Visitors from the MSN increased by more than 125%.


There are many advantages that come with top placement in Google. In the case of this website, the increase in rankings and website visibility led to search engine traffic which more than quadrupled. In turn, this increase in targeted traffic resulted in more leads, which led to more sales of the record keeping products and solutions.

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