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If you would like to see how visitors navigate your website, where they come from and how often they visit, you should sign up for Google Analytics. The program is offered by Google and provides advanced website traffic statistics. Google Analytics can improve your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts. The various Google Analytics (GA) reports can tell you everything you possibly want to know about your website traffic, including:

  1. Which marketing initiatives are the most effective for your site?
  2. Why and at what point are visitors leaving your website?
  3. Is your website design driving people away?
  4. Where are the site visitors coming from?
  5. What do people do while visiting your site?
  6. What keywords do people use to find your site?

How to get started

If you do not have a Google account, follow the steps below (otherwise login to your Google Account and choose “Analytics” in “Services”).

  • Go to Google Business Solutions
  • Choose “Analytics”
  • Signup for your free account
    Note: If you already have AdWords Pay-per-Click account, login and choose the “Analytics” tab.
  • Follow the steps to create your analytics account and generate the GA tracking code.
  • Add the tracking code to your website (based on the technology of your website).

Advanced features in Google Analytics:


  • Funnel Visualization
  • Advance Segmentation
  • Custom Report
  • Motion Charts

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