The Best Browsers for Security and Privacy in 2020

Keeping safe and ensuring that your data is protected from third-parties online is of importance. Surfing the internet requires the use of a web browser. However, browsers have a naughty tendency of giving away what they know about you and the sites you visit – that is if they are not monitored. Therefore, as surfers of the net, we are left with the task of finding the best browsers for security and privacy to avoid any unsavory folks who like to obtain unwarranted access to personal data. Although this may seem unnecessary, and come across as a paranoid sense of security, unfortunately, this is how fraudsters gain information before turning you into one of their victims.

What is a Secure Browser?

Top browsers such as Chrome, Explorer, and Firefox have excelled over the years when it comes to the provision of security features. These browsers take note of the ongoing evolving cybercrimes online, and then provide critical counter prevention tools that give users control over their activities online. Features such as download protection, URL filter, tools to prevent tracking, as well as warnings when visiting unsecured sites among other vital security features, combined, all make up a secure browser.

In this article, we will focus on the best browsers for security and privacy that you can consider if you wish to greatly conceal all your online activities from obnoxious sites that have ill-tendencies of keeping track of your digital life. Regardless of the browser you’re comfortable with at the moment, you still have a bunch of options that can allow you to surf the internet more securely. All you need is to be ready to let go of the common browsers and accept change as you try something new. Continue reading to find out the exclusive list for some of the best browsers for security and privacy in 2020.


With Tor, you can preserve your anonymity while keeping tracking ads at bay


  • Anonymous browsing experience
  • Prevent tracking cookies
  • Auto deletes browsing history

For those who truly value anonymity, Tor is one of the best options out there. With this browser, one can preserve their anonymity as well as privacy while keeping pernicious tracking ads at bay. To protect your identity and keep your privacy levels high, Tor reroutes traffic of its users to a series of relays. This functionality is not perfect nor flawless. However, if your ultimate goal is to achieve anonymity, then Tor Browser is your best bet.

Based on Firefox Quantum, this browser is an open-source that comes without most of the built-in plugins. These plugins have been deactivated or stripped to avoid leakage of data to unwanted sites. Upon closing the browser, Tor permanently deletes all cookies and history. All users are tweaked to look similar to circumvent any sort of advertisement concerned with fingerprinting. The browser is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and its portable versions can be used whenever you need them to access the internet on untrusted systems.

One point that needs to be cleared is that Tor only promotes anonymity but does not encrypt or provide security tools. Therefore, you should always take note of what you do online as it can easily give away your privacy; for instance, sending of emails. Remember to clean up your junk files and folders regularly for your web browser to function optimally.


You can set DuckDuckGo browser to auto-delete all browsing data

DuckDuckGo – Mobile

  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • A letter grading system for privacy evaluation
  • One-click to clear all browsing data and cache

With this privacy feature-rich mobile device browser that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, users can surf the internet while managing to block adverts, thwart tracking cookies, and enforce secure connection. The browser also delivers a tool for privacy evaluation characteristics of sites visited with a letter grading system. An “F” means your data is not safe and it’s better to move on to a site that values your protection and is willing to take good care of your data.

DuckDuckGo features a one-click button that clears all browsing data and tabs at a go. This feature makes it easy and fast to delete tracks, as well as ensure there is no data stored in the web browser internally without your knowledge. Moreover, to avoid a situation whereby you forget to clear all data, you can set DuckDuckGo browser to auto-delete information.


Brave browser blocks ads and tracking cookies by default


  • Chromium-based browser
  • Supports selected ads deemed to be safe
  • Fast and easy browser setup

Brave is a standalone internet browsing platform compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. The browser uses Chromium technology. Hence if you’re a Google Chrome fan, then you will find this one pretty familiar. Transferring to Brave from Google’s ecosystem gives you the much-needed peace of browsing without the uncertainty of the safety of your data.

To top that, Brave swiftly accommodates those who don’t want to invest most of their time learning the ins and outs of harnessing the browser by providing default settings tuned to enhance privacy. Therefore, Brave blocks ads and tracking cookies by default. Moreover, if you’re sympathetic to content creators, the browser lets you accept advertising which does not collect data or track your activities. For a privacy-based browser, this may seem like an off-track move but it strikes a balance between privacy and convenience contra to financial phenomenon faced by content developers.


With Iridium the loading speed of any web page is almost an instant

Iridium Browser

  • Often updates and new version releases
  • Readily configured for enhanced privacy
  • Support Chrome extensions

Another secure browser on this list that is based on Chromium. Iridium takes the strings of Chromium and stretches them to their maximum level to get the most out of it. The browser is ideal for those familiar with Google Chrome and would want to continue using some of the Chrome extensions. You can also install an anti-malware extension to filter your browsing. Iridium is an answer for how to speed up your computer as the browser is super-fast. In fact, the loading speed of any web page is almost an instant.

Other Options – Modified and Tweaked Browsers

If you find it difficult to let go of a familiar browser that you have been using and relying on for years, you’re not the only one.  The good news is that you can still be secure and protect your privacy by applying modifications and a few tweaks to your browser. These mods and tweaks can work on any common browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Thus, you’re welcome to try them on any of your favorite web browsers. Here are some of the useful tweaks that you can apply to your browser to achieve and maintain your privacy and security:

  • Set a privacy-based search engine as your default such as the Start page and DuckDuckGo
  • Launch your browser in private or incognito stance
  • Add an ad-blocker extension
  • Set your browser to auto-clear browsing history and cache during a shutdown
  • Encrypt your traffic using VPN services

Secure Web Design Services

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