Success is in Your SEO Keywords

Statistics show that people are most likely to search online with 2, 3 or more words. So, the challenge is to figure out the keywords that will bring your customers to your web page.

What are SEO Keywords?

A keyword or keyword phrase is any word or words that a person might key into a search engine to locate a web site. Keyword selection is the foundation for your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and success with Google.

Google can only recognize your website as being relevant to your desired keyword phrases. If you use the right SEO keywords as part of your website copy and links, Google will be sending you qualified traffic and your site will be successful. If not, you will miss out on the valuable search engines’ traffic you are trying to obtain. This may sound very simple but most websites seem to miss out on properly using the keyword phrases they are trying to target.

The most important part of optimizing your website is the selection and implementation of the keywords. There are different tools available to help you research possible keywords and phrases for your site. The best way to select the right group of SEO keywords is to start with the ones you think are good and get additional recommendations using one of the keyword selection tools. A free one is Google Keyword Planner. Enter your initial keywords list and analyze synonyms and additional suggestions by Google. Keep in mind the number of searches and competitors. A good SEO keyword has a high number of searches and a low number of competitors.

Three common misconceptions when it comes to keywords:

  1. Targeting single SEO keywords. To get top placements on single keywords (other than your company name) will often be extremely difficult and will take years. Use multiple keywords together in a search phrase. This will dramatically cut your competition.
  2. Targeting SEO keywords that are too broad. Focus on what is important – choosing targeted and relevant keywords will allow you to attract better qualified traffic and convert more of the traffic into sales.
  3. Your pages need keywords “META” tags. This tag was officially declared dead. When we say “keywords” we are not referring to any meta tag. Rather, make sure your keywords are part of your page titles, descriptions, website copy and links.

Key Takeaway: Keyword selection is the most important process in the optimization of your website. So it is worth spending time on it!

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