Statistics Show Importance of Local and Mobile SEO

Cross Device Local Search InfographicTraditionally, search engine optimization (SEO) has been utilized to help businesses boost their search engine rankings by optimizing their website with relevant keywords.  However, as internet searches are becoming more local in nature and more consumers are searching the web on mobile devices, local and mobile SEO is becoming a more important aspect of any digital marketing plan.  Local SEO is crucial for connecting with the customers that are already in your service area that may be looking for products and services that your company provides.

Currently, there are more local searches done on laptops and PC’s than on mobile devices, but the number of local searches done on mobile devices is growing and is expected to overtake PC searches within the next two years.  Several recent studies done by industry authorities such as Neustar Localeze and 15miles show that not only is the local search trend among mobile users growing, but also that consumers that search for a product or service on a mobile device are more likely to respond to the Call to Action.  It is important for marketers and businesses to take the trends and behaviors associated with local SEO into account when creating and implementing an internet marketing plan.

According to the 2014 Local Business Search Study commissioned by Neustar Localeze and 15miles, these 4 concepts should be considered to plan a better local and mobile SEO campaign:

  • Consumers Use Devices Differently for Local Search: Consumers using mobile phones for searches are looking for quick information and mobile searches have a higher conversion rate than PC searches.
  • Consumers Look for Different Information on Different Websites: Internet yellow pages sites and directories get the largest share of local searches for businesses and consumers are more likely to convert from searches on internet yellow pages sites and local directories than portal sites such as Google and Bing.
  • Consumer Search Habits Differ Between Business Types: The most searched for local businesses on all devices are restaurants and retail stores. Another important thing to remember is that consumers tend to search certain categories with a specific business already in mind.
  • The Role of GPS in Local Search will Grow: The number of mobile users with a GPS in their smartphone will continue to grow and including important business information such as hours of operation with directions to your business will appeal to more GPS users.

Rise of Mobile SEO

Even though PC and laptop searches still outnumber local searches done on mobile devices, the trends indicate that local searches on mobile devices will continue to increase and outnumber searches done on PCs.  This makes appealing to mobile users an important aspect of any local SEO plan as they will soon make up the biggest share of the local consumer market and they already have a much higher conversion rate than PC users.

Here are some key facts and statistics regarding local search habits on mobile devices from the Local Search Study by Neustar Localeze and 15miles in 2014:

  • Local searches done on a mobile device result in a purchase 4 out of 5 times, nearly ¾’s of these purchases are done in a physical store location.
  • The conversion rate of local searches done on PC’s is 61%, 64% on tablets, and 78% on smartphones.
  • Mobile local searches are done to find the location of a business 27% of the time.
  • 13% of local mobile searches are for driving directions
  • Mobile users prefer valuable and specific information optimized for proper display on their device
  • Restaurants account for about 30% of local mobile searches
  • 41% of consumers who do local searches on tablets are using them to compare local businesses

The local search habits of consumers are becoming much more diverse and they are being done on multiple devices with slightly different habits and conversion rates for each type of device.  The key to creating and implementing an effective local and mobile SEO plan is to understand the nature of these search habits and make sure your website is optimized for PC and mobile searches.  If your business could benefit from professional assistance with your local and mobile SEO marketing, talk to our local SEO experts at Proceed Innovative to discover your best options.

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