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Web Form Spam: What It Is and How to Prevent It

Form spam is the submission of website forms by human scammers or spambots with malicious intent.  Form spam is both annoying and potentially dangerous for your website and your visitors.  The following actions can help you prevent form spam on your website.

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Tricks and Tips to Search Google Like a Pro

Google has built in ways that users can utilize to make the search results even more relevant to their initial query. The following are advanced Google search tricks and tips that can help you narrow your search results.

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Google Dominates Worldwide Search Engine Market Share

When looking at the search engine market share worldwide and in the U.S., there is no question that Google is the absolute dominating force.  While other search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo have shown some growth, their share of the market still pales in comparison to Google.

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How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy for 2021

The start of the new year is a great time to evaluate your current SEO strategy, consider your online marketing goals, and determine how well your SEO strategy is meeting these goals. The following tips will help you form an effective SEO strategy for 2021.

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Google Maps Tips to Help You Plan and Save on Your Next Road Trip

In this guide, we will dive a little deeper into Google Maps to explore its options that will be useful for your next road trip.  We will cover how to plan your route within the app as well as other features of Google Maps that you can use to explore and even save money along the way.

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