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How Lead Generation Helps Expand your Business

One thing that has not changed about running a business is that you need to generate leads and attract new customers to succeed. However, the most effective ways to generate leads have changed significantly over time. There are many ways businesses and contractors can generate leads, including through traditional means of advertising, such as newspaper ads, radio and TV commercials, networking at tradeshows and events, effective digital marketing, and online advertising. Lead generation through digital marketing has become the most effective method as more people than ever are starting their search for products and services online. This means that... read more

Is Your Website Up to Date? SEO Audit 2020

So as 2020 approaches, it is time to review your website’s strengths and weaknesses, fix all SEO and marketing issues, and build up a new marketing and SEO strategy for the new year.  This guide will help you do an SEO website audit and make improvements to your website that will help your digital marketing efforts in 2020.

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Halloween in the Office

It is always fun celebrating Halloween in our office! Did you know that the tradition from dressing up in costumes originates from the strategy of hiding from ghosts?

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