8 Digital Marketing Strategies, your Competitors are Using

Digital market trends evolve consistently. The strategies that might have worked 3 years back, probably won’t work for your digital marketing agendas without alterations. The upcoming trends in digital marketing will transform the way small companies reach their target audience. Implementing various digital marketing strategies will give you an opportunity to maximize your resources without having to sacrifice a significant amount of your budget. Therefore, you can formulate an effective strategy, irrespective of the size of your business. Since these digital marketing strategies are widely used by both small businesses and bigger companies, it is no longer about who has the resources, but who makes the wise investment decisions. For this reason, you must use digital marketing for your business to thrive.

8 Digital Marketing Strategies, your Competitors are Using

Online/TV Advertising

The initial step you need to consider when it comes to implementing a robust marketing strategy is communication. Therefore, it is essential to assemble your team together and help them understand the essence of your campaign. Lucky enough, there are many cloud software programs that can help you and your team members plan these projects without much stress. Once you have communicated with your team members, you can then define the kind of marketing strategy you should use.

Make a wise decision on where you intend to invest. This can be either video or print. The moment you decide on the channel to use, you need to set the budget for the marketing. YouTube is a form of online TV even though it is one of the most used search engines on the internet. Note that the majority of people have online TV services such as Amazon, Apple TV, Hulu and Netflix in their homes. Therefore, it is worth the investment if you consider purchasing a product placement on these platforms. However, you need to do extensive research on the demographics of your audience.

The era of Apps

It is evident that a clear majority of the population survives through the assistance offered by various apps. Some of the apps available in the market include the app for meditation, weather, and restaurant finder among others. This is helpful to your business because advertising your goods and services on a famous app is a great gateway to reach clients. However, you need to pay attention to new strategies from Google for removing mobile ads from apps before you get started. For you to make sure that your ad remains on the app, ensure that your marketing professionals provide world-class graphics and content so it won’t be highlighted as a shady ad.

Once you decide to advertise your products and services on mobile, make sure you use the right apps. Determine your audiences, what they like and what they dislike.

The use of virtual bots

The introduction of automated technology has opened new opportunities for your team to concentrate on various duties that are time sensitive since the bot can communicate with clients on the web chat system in the form of an app. The bot is designed in a unique way such that it can offer products and services to solve client issues. Therefore, it will work for you as you do other important things. Additionally, the bot plays a vital role in preventing your loyal client from running to competitors to meet their requirements. While most small businesses might not opt for this alternative since they believe it to be too expensive, most of your competitors have decided to invest in this strategy since they realized it can increase their income in the long run.

Unique device ID tracking

Those cookies that are in the internet browsers on mobile phones will assist in showing business ads at convenient moments. This is known as Unique Device ID tracking and it works by posting advertisements depending on where the mobile phone owner is situated. For instance, an individual located in a shoe shop may find an ad for a favorite shoe brand as he browses the net.

Photography in moving pictures

You can add an element of movement to stationary images by taking a series of pictures and posting them online as an animated GIF or short video. This innovation, known as cinemographs, brings life to your pictures and it is a strategy that is hardly seen on the internet. With cinemographs, you can create an interesting picture or brief animation that can be shared by clients on various social media platforms.

Artificial intelligent (AI) via machine learning

AI and machine learning play a vital role in scanning marketing software and behaviors online to help you understand the audience within your niche. With this technology, content creators will be equipped with real-time information which will help them create content that resonates with the interests of their prospective customers looking for their products online. It is important for you to train your employees on basic SEO principles, so they can create content using keywords that offer high rankings in search engines.

360° video footage

The video technology used by real estate agents to give a 360° view of a new home online has inspired businesses to implement this technology as a marketing strategy. Businesses can use 360° videos to show their products, production methods, and business events to give their audience a better understanding of their products or services and their business culture.

Just think of a short video clip of a product being processed at your processing plant. Similar strategies are implemented by automobile companies where detailed 360-degree interactive tours can be seen on the product page of Ford’s 7-seater SUV. This visualization will help your customers and clients get a feel of the product and in turn increase your conversion rate.

Using employees as brand influencers

Work with aggressive employees who have the bright personality to show clients and job applicants that your company is the best. Note that effective digital marketing begins from inside the business.

As a small business operator, it is vital for you to create your digital marketing approaches strategically. Since you are exposed to limited resources, you need to make sure that you do not waste even a single penny. Implementing the top 8 digital marketing strategies discussed here can be a game changer for your business.

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