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Proceed Innovative LLC helps companies extend brand awareness and drive sales through improved search engine placement and interactive marketing strategies, based on search engine optimization, ppc management, seo web design, website promotion, and web analytics consulting.

Here are the answers to commonly asked questions regarding our services:

1. How long have you been in business?
Our predecessor Proceed Interactive started as Meandaur Internet in 1996. We are one of the Internet industry pioneers. Overture was the first search engine to introduce pay-per-click in 1997. Google officially became a company in 1998.
2. What services do you offer?
3. Who is responsible for implementing the changes to my website?
We have a talented team of website experts and will assign the best suited to produce better results and improve search engine placement. Depending on the requirements, our clients choose one or a combination of the following options:

  • Proceed Innovative outlines the changes and helps the client’s team to implement the changes;
  • Proceed Innovative receives access to a development site where we implement the changes and after approval the client’s team publishes the updated pages to the live website;
  • Proceed Innovative implements the changes directly to the live website.
4. Will you provide a price estimate and a contact that spells out your responsibilities?
At the initial meeting, we usually discuss your company’s goals and objectives to see if a partnership between our two companies is viable venture. Then we evaluate your website and search engine placement to define if we can achieve and improve the goals and objectives. After that, we present to you a written proposal outlining the recommended services and responsibilities for a successful search marketing campaign.
5. How many hours will you spend working for me?
The time involved depends on the scope of the project. The initial implementation usually takes more than half of the time. The rest of the time is used to maintain and update the campaign as needed to improve search engine placement and achieve the defined goals and objectives.
6. How will we communicate, and how often?
Communication depends on your preference. We offer face-to-face meetings, teleconference, phone calls, as well as e-mails. We usually schedule monthly summary meetings to discuss the improved search engine placement results, and to address current issues and questions. We will communicate as often as necessary to complete the project successfully.
Your dedicated account manager is available to talk to you at any time during workdays. Senior members of our management team are also available to address a question or concern you may have on the project.
7. How many pages of the website will you optimize to improve search engine placement?
The number of pages and improved search engine placement results depends on the goals and objectives discussed at the initial meeting. The goal of the campaign will be to meet or exceed these expectations.
8. Can you provide some examples of your past clients along with their contact information?
We publish case studies and success stories at our website and we will be happy to provide specific industry examples of improved search engine placement and contact information for reference.
9. What kind of reporting will you give about search engine optimization?
Proceed Innovative offers Intranet client website where client monthly traffic & ranking reports are published on a regular basis. The account manager reviews your project on a monthly basis and emails you a summary report outlining the improved search engine placement results as well as recommendations for next steps. We provide our clients with three types of reports – ranking, traffic & summary reports. The reports are published in a password-protected area and available for you 24/7.
10. What search terms or keywords will you be optimizing for?
Complete and competitive keywords research is very important for a successful internet marketing campaign. One of the first steps in project implementation is to select the proper keywords based on your business category, goals and objectives. Then we expand the research to include monthly estimated searches and competitive numbers for the listed keywords targeted to improve search engine placement. Based on the completed research we recommend the best matching keyword for your approval.
11. What kind of results do you expect in terms of improved search engine placement on the major search engines?
Our optimal goal is to see your site ranked on the first page of Google, Yahoo & MSN or at least be listed among the top 30 results for the approved keywords. Ultimately, the improved search engine placement will increase the traffic to your site and your leads. If we do not think, we can improve your site‘s search engine placement and provide a good ROI, in most cases we decline to engage in a campaign.
12. How will my Web traffic be monitored and analyzed?
We use web analytics or the website log files to monitor, analyze, and report on your website traffic and search engine placement.
13. How will you track my ROI?
It depends on the business type and goals, and on the website. For non e-commerce web sites, for example, the ROI is usually based on goal conversion or lead generation.

At Proceed Innovative, the clients come first and we embrace the challenges that our clients present to us, continually striving to meet and exceed their expectations.

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