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What is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal that visitors use to participate in an online discussion. Usually they ask questions or add their comments on specific topic. Blogs are a very essential part of social media marketing and an effective search marketing communication tool. A blog allows many people to have access and contribute to the blog content.

Why Blogs?

Blogs are very useful if you wish to keep your customers or prospects up-to-date as to what is going on in your business. You can allow people to comment and add their own posts to your blog.

Organic rankings (SEO) are influenced a lot by the content of your website. Blogs are excellent way to generate new web content. By having a current blog about your niche subject you can generate large amount of related content over time. Google and its spider love it and it will improve your organic rankings.

Types of Blogs

To create a blog related to your business or a specific topic you can choose one of the following two options:

  1. Install your own blog software (most of the hosting providers offer it at no cost or very reasonably priced).
  2. 2. Use an external blogging service
    Google offers a blogging solution:

How to Create a Blog?

  1. It takes three simple steps to create a blog at Google
    Create a user account on Google. You can use your Gmail account.
  2. Choose a name for your blog. If your website is your blog’s name may be, or similar.
  3. Choose a ready template for your blog or create your own template.

Search Marketing Blog Tips:

  1. When you have a blog, keep it current and relevant to your topic.
  2. Use keywords relevant to your business products or services and link to your website to increase your organic rankings.
  3. Use a blog template that is consistent with your other marketing materials.
  4. Install and use Google analytics (or different web analytics tool) to measure visits and improve on usability.

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