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Online Marketing Solutions – Web Usability: A Case Study (Part 2)

Optimizing a website to attain higher positions in Google rankings can help visits to your site soar, and expand your customer base. In part 1 of this case study, we optimized the online ad campaign. Next we tested the website itself for usability:

II. Optimize Website Usability

The purpose of this portion of the project was to test the usability of the website, which was bringing in low quality leads. The client wanted to improve the website usability in order to improve the quality of the leads generated online.

Results Overview

  • Over the course of time, we implemented a clear and consistent navigational structure.
  • Average pages viewed per visit increased by 19% (April versus June) to 5.38
  • Links received more clicks.
  • More people submitted contact information, and signed up for newsletters.
  • Page load time decreased.
  • Web leads were tracked more accurately.
  • Exit rates decreased. Sample changes in exit rates:
    • Contact Us page: 40 % decrease.
    • Manufacturing page: 20 % decrease.
    • Simulation page: 32 % decrease.
  • Returning visitors increased from 25.43% to 34.48%. (orange-colored slice):

Chicago Website optimization Company - Schaumburg IL

The above results were obtained due to the following actions:

Changes Implemented

In order to achieve our goals, site navigation needed to be simplified and the design needed to be improved. Some of our online marketing solutions and recommendations included:

  • Double navigation was eliminated.
  • A new navigation was introduced and tested.
  • Home page text was edited to be more descriptive (for visitors and spiders).
  • Visitors were told what to do next, i.e. “Choose your Industry”.
  • Links were made to look more like links.
  • Important links were moved to the top of the home page.
  • Graphics were added to attract people to the contact us form.
  • Multiple thank you pages were implemented for more accurate tracking.
  • Flash and music were deleted from the home page.
  • A contact us link was added to the home page.
  • A new manufacturing landing page was tested and added to the site.
  • A separate phone number was displayed, in order to track web leads more accurately.
  • Each page, not just the landing pages, was rebuilt to work toward the goal (contact us).
  • People were encouraged to get the free newsletter & sign up for a free seminar.
  • The contact us page was linked to from most of the other pages.
  • A call to action was placed on the top of the home page.
  • A 404 error page was implemented.
  • A new contact us form and thank you page were put in place so leads are not distorted.
  • Exit pages were re-examined to see where the majority of visitors are exiting.
  • Moved important information and links to high-priority tasks visible above the fold.

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