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Search Engine Marketing – PPC and SEO: A Case Study (Part 1)

Company profile

This client combines professional consulting services and innovative software to deliver business process optimization and decision support solutions to several industries, in order to help their clients maximize capacity, increase productivity, and minimize costs.

Online situation

The website’s purpose is not about the shopping cart and making an immediate sale. Rather, its goal is to sell relationships. Although search engine marketing (SEM) can be learned, in some situations it might make the most sense to hire one of the many respectable search engine marketing agencies that exist today. Proceed Innovative consulted with the client to thoroughly understand their online marketing goals, analyze the website’s design, help define success metrics, and present the best online marketing solutions for their situation.

Client goals

The client wanted to increase their search engine visibility and obtain a higher quality of online leads. The website needs to appear for searches conducted by potential clients, looking for either consulting services or software products. Our agency was hired to provide a search engine marketing study and to address two major client concerns: low quality web leads and a desired change in focus from products to services.


On a classic ecommerce website, every design decision measurably affects the site’s conversion rate and other metrics, such as the average shopping cart size. For a non-ecommerce site like our client’s, web usability problems are more difficult to measure.
The online space in this area is moderately competitive. A search in Google for operations process improvement returns 23,200,000 web pages. It is also a very targeted key phrase, utilized by the client’s target audience.

I. Optimize the Pay Per Click Campaign

During the first month we optimized the campaign in order to attract qualified visitors and maximize search engine marketing dollars. During the duration we refined the site based on the data and Most Desirable Action (MDA). This process includes data analysis to test different variables and determine which yielded the highest returns.

Results Overview

  • Clicks more than doubled from April to June, despite the number of ad impressions decreasing by 62%. Impressions may have decreased because of the following reasons:
    • Budget was lowered when we took over the ppc campaign.
    • On the first full day of the campaign, we opted out of the content network.
  • Average cost per click decreased in Q2 by $4.26
  • Lead quality greatly improved.

While all search engine marketing agencies vary in their process, the results were obtained due to the following actions:

Changes Implemented

  • Researched keywords to find what words people are using to find the client’s services.
  • Revised keyword list to use more specific, targeted keywords.
  • Changed maximum Cost Per Click (CPC) and ad positions where necessary.
  • Increased bids for keywords that doing well, decreased those that were not doing well.
  • Optimized the ads themselves.
  • Modified several pages of the website. Tested various landing pages.
  • Tested different home pages – the modified original home page plus two new versions.
  • Conducted a survey of current customers.
  • Adjusted pages and campaigns, based on analytics results, and client feedback on leads.
  • Ensured that landing pages and search phrases are compatible.
  • Used analytics to determine user behavior, such as which links users click on, etc.
  • Placed “contact us” forms on various places on the site.
  • Tracked which forms were most successful.
  • Tested multiple calls to action.
  • Inspected every possible landing page to see that it clearly states the next step to take.
  • Evaluated the ability of all of these changes to convert visitors to leads.

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