Improve Search Engine Optimization: A Case Study (Part 3)

In part 2 of this case study, we tested the website for usability. Next, we

III. Implement Changes to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Rankings

Because the website was already well-indexed by Google, improved search engine optimization results occurred in less than two weeks. The site currently holds page one rankings for the following key phrases:

  • business process improvement tools
  • decision making tools and techniques
  • operations process improvement (number one in Google)
  • six sigma software tools
  • healthcare process improvement
  • patient flow analysis

This table shows the number of high rankings in the top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN.) The chart shows how the website started at a visibility score of zero (no rankings) to ever-increasing high rankings as a result of improved search engine optimization.

Search Engine Traffic

In four months, referrals from the search engines increased by 42%.


The web has reversed the company-customer relationship. Online interactions are demand-driven. Web users expect to find their solution quickly and efficiently. Websites either give them what they want or watch them leave to visit their competitors online.

There are numerous advantages that come when you improve search engine optimization efforts. In the case of this website, the increase in high rankings and website visibility led to more search engine traffic, which continues to rise. In turn, this increase in targeted traffic resulted in more qualified prospects, meaning less time wasted by the sales force in pursuing “dead end” leads.

We believe that major web usability changes have been implemented. Our client’s website is a powerful marketing tool that periodically needs to be adjusted to their business offering and customer needs.

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